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About WISD

Technologies are not easy, and they change fast. That's where we come in: We make technology work, for you.

our motto

"Tech Applied. Wisely."

We specialize in creating productivity software applications (or just "apps" nowadays), and since 2011, our focus has been making awesome apps for iOS.

Find out more about our lastest offering: Kase.

About The Web Site

Since 1997

Our web site,, has been on-line since 1997. Some of the notable contents in the past:

  • Equip directory
  • Palm Users
    • HotSync'ability

Circa 2011

The site was mainly used to support our then flag-ship app, Nocs. In fact, while the skeleton was produced using an Mac app, most of the content was written in Markdown using Nocs itself.

2018, 2021

With the release of Kase in 2018, this web site was redesigned to focus on this new app. In 2021, it is again redesigned with newer available web techs. Please see the Acknowledgments page for more behind-the-scene info about the different redesigns.