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Personal Relational Database

Release Status: 4.0 | Editions | Docs

Simple. Flexible. Relational.

Kase exists because it should. There should be a database app that can go anywhere with you. It should be:

  • Simple — Using it should be easy and intuitive,
  • Flexible — Once familiar with the basics, you can design any database to track anything important to you, and
  • Relational — Inter-linked data is an order of magnitude more useful. Plus, you don't want to repeat yourself.

Additionally, it should be:

  • Personal — You should not need to worry about who can peek into your data, and
  • Always Available — High-speed wireless network should not be a prerequisite for accessing your own data.

Something like that didn't exist, so I started creating Kase in 2014.

Kase is all that. It is not perfect, but it does its job well.

Kase's Side Menu, with access to Boxes.

Basic Concepts

  • Your Kase contains Boxes.
  • Each Box stores Decks that can relate to each other.
  • A Deck collects similarly structured Cards.
  • And a Card is where you put data Entries.


  • Pick, assign, and organize with Categories, Tags, and Marks.
  • Search by name, notes, full text, or keywords: Full-text indexing with Natural Language Processing.
  • Highlight any Box, Deck, Card, Entry, or Keyword.
  • Write in Markdown and see rich formatted text.
  • Deck definitions support inheritance!
  • Box can be locked with a passcode, and unlocked with Face ID or Touch ID.
  • Formatters (Fx) to visualize data in different ways without altering the data one bit.
    • e.g. UnitConverter, NameMapper, WordScrambler, ICU Transformers...
  • Side-by-Side: Compare Cards easily by displaying in columns.
  • On-device Text Recognitions (OCR) for multiple languages.
  • Import/Export in CSV, JSON, or KASE.
  • Complete Backup & Restore.
  • iPad Multitasking support: Split View, Slide Over, etc.
  • Very customizable UI.

What Kase is Not

  • Cloud syncing yet (stay tuned...)

From Data to Wisdom


Data ▹ Information ▹ Knowledge ▹ Wisdom

Knowledge ▹
Information ▹
Data ▹ 

What Kase Can Do

  1. Store Data — the objective truths,
  2. Organize Information — reflects circumstances, current condition,
  3. Systematically retrive Knowledge — usable/utilized for decision making,
  4. And that hopefully enables you to grasp Wisdom, comprehend insights, and ultimately create value.

"UnBig" the Data

There are some databases that belong to the Big Guys. The rest of them should stay personal.

By now you should realize how valuable your data is. So why give it away? Kase keeps your data yours.



Download Kase 4 on the App Store

Download Kase 4 on the App Store

  1. The User's Guide is a work in progress.