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A Comfort Game of Binariness

Release Status: 2.1

What is pixelLogic?

  • It is...
    • simple
    • soothing
    • appropriate for ages x to 25 x (where x=5)
    • not addictive (unless you tap the "One More" button too many times...)
  • It has...
    • customizable board sizes
    • rotate commands to fit board to your brains or your device
    • themes
    • Pencil mode for uncertain moves
    • Peeking mode for when you wanna be bad
    • iCloud-synced History to keep your play records, so you can highlight, recall, or share your game board anytime
    • haptic feedbacks so you feel your moves
  • Plus, it...
    • supports Dark Mode, iPhone landscape, iPad Split View, Slider Over, etc.
    • lets you draw with Apple Pencil or your finger
    • works well with iPad pointers, e.g. Magic Keyboard and mouses
    • runs on iPhone, iPad, iPod, and even modern Macs (e.g. those with Apple's M1 chips)
  • And, it's free.
    • It is our gift to you.
    • Wish you a better year than the last!

How to Play?

  • Each square should be filled with a pixel (i.e. picture element).
    • A pixel can be either on or off (or, positive, negative).
  • On each row or column of squares, there is a clue.
    • The clue tells you how many on's are on that row or column, and whether they are together or apart.
    • e.g. "4, 1" means a total of 5 on's: 4 consecutive and one by itself, separated by one or more off's.
    • Once a row/column is completely filled with pixels, its clue text changes color: mint if satisfied, or red if not.
    • However, remember that satisfying a clue only means that; it does not necessarily mean the pixels are correctly placed.
  • Complete the board with pixels.
    • If all clues are satisfied, the board is solved!
    • Note that some boards can have more than one solution.
  • Now share the game via a simple web link, with or without your time.


  • Swipe from left or right screen edge to call up the Info pages.
  • Hold on a button for extended optons.



pixelLogic Releases Notes

Download pixelLogic on the App Store

Download pixelLogic on the App Store