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Moments: Count Your Blessings

Time Calculator on Wheels

Release Status: 2.1

What is Moments?

Moments (f.k.a Days) is a time zone savvy, locale-aware, iCloud-syncing time calulator.

Its main interface consists of two date wheels to specify two points in time, and another wheel to display the time span (or duration).

Special Moments

In addition to specifying dates as the points in time, you can define Moments and refer to them in calculations. Name the moment if you want. Specify the time of day if you want. And include a time zone if you want.

Moments can be highlighted, grouped, sorted, and filtered in many ways. See your moments your way.

Wheels of Time

By spinning the Moment (or Date) wheels, you effortlessly calculate the exact duration between two points in time, in any units you select, enabling you to answer questions like:

  • How many days (or years, or seconds, etc.) are there between these two dates?
  • How long has it been since that special moment?
  • How old was she when he was born?
  • etc.

Turn on Fixed Duration Mode, and use the duration to find the moment that is a certain period before or after another moment. Then you can save the new found moment for further calculations.

Time [Zone] Travel

New since 2.1 is the Time Zone Converter, with optional Clock mode. This additional tab's simple interface answers your questions like:

  • "What time is it there when it is that time here?"

Long press the Time Zone button to quickly select from recently used time zones.

Locales Support

Moments respects the system locales you set on your device, but it also allows you to specify a custom locale, one that you can easily turn on and off with a switch.

Without affecting your system's language settings, Moments lets you experience and see your dates in hundreds of languages and locale calendars.


This is another gift from us. Count Your Blessings.



Download Moments on the App Store

Download Moments on the App Store