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Kase 4.2

updated 2024/03/15


Kase 4.2 will be realizing a major part of my dream that started 10 years ago...

A number is usualy not just a number. It is often a quantity associated with a unit. Without the unit, it is a figure floating in a vague dimension. But when paired with a unit, the number becomes a measurement carrying a concrete value.

Kase 4.2 helps you keep track of numbers with units.

Open letter to all numbers

Here is an open letter to all numbers:


Dear Numbers,

Unless you are some celebrity figure like π, you might, at times, wonder about your worth in this numerical existence.

Let me affirm you that, whether you are rational or irrational, and whatever your magnitude or sign is, you are real, and your value is undeniable.

If you've ever felt incomplete, maybe you are longing for the unity with a unit. A matching unit complements you and make your significance shine, bringing clarity, purpose, and meaning.

"But where are all the good units?" you ask.

Maybe I can help. In my Units view, not only can you browse the hundreds of screened units well presented in styles of names and its relation with the base counterpart, you can also sort them by size, name, or symbol.

You can see them in your preferred language, and even right along a secondary language. You can hear their name spoken. You can plug in yourself and try a few conversions, and you can see how they affect others if chosen as the base unit.

The search function lets you further narrow down the list by dimension category, unit names, or the symbol.

Dear Numbers, in me, you don't have to be by yourselves. Let me guide you towards those meaningful connections. Together, we’ll chart new territories of knowledge and understanding, proving that the true language of the universe is spoken through you, in numbers and units combined.

Yours truly,



New Features

  • new Number field
    • multi-level Unit support
    • auto conversions to display in different units
    • format precision options


  • much enhanced Units view
    • search scopes: All, Category, Name, Symbol
    • 2nd language support
  • much enhanced Time Zones view
    • city name centric
    • 2nd language support
    • new Sort by City
  • Date/Time field:
    • enhanced Time Zone menu
  • Boolean field:
    • 3 different icons for the display modes
  • QuickLook for image fields now full-screen
  • Sort Options menu:
    • setting Sortable Fields now always available
  • View Options menu and Field Options view:
    • simplifed and more consistent designs
    • animations are more smooth with less flickers


  • Side-by-Side view: Time Zone menu didn't change display